It’s Been a While 

It has been a few weeks since a topic has struck me to write about. I’ve tried several times, but nothing from my mind would flow to the keys. Until today. Today I made a decision that I wanted to become an educator. 

This isn’t a decision I have taken lightly. Over the last year, I have been searching for something inside myself, something that has been missing. A void, if you will. I thought about fostering, but I don’t know if I could treat my children and another child the same. I think I could, but without absolute certainty, it isn’t something I would risk. I know I want to help children. As an educator I can do just that. I can page their way to success. I can mentor. I can provide them a foundation for the future, even if it is only for a short time. For this reason, I will persue this dream.
A positive impression is a lasting impression. 

Curve their present to shape their future. 

What is it About Chuck E Cheese’s

What is it about Chuck E Cheese’s that makes every child known to man want to be there? Is it the pizza? The games? The play area? Tickets maybe? Or maybe, its the giant mouse that nearly every child under the age of three is terrified of?  Who really knows what it is that attracts the children the most. I do,  however, know that it is the least appealing place to me as a mother, and I avoid it like the plaque. I’d rather let my children loose in a candy store with my credit card than take them to Chuck E Cheese’s. however much I dislike this wretched place, I love my children more and cannot deny them the simple pleasure of attending birthday parties. …or could I?….No, I’m not that mean. But lets talk about these birthday parties.

First, you have to reserve a two hour time slot on your chosen day, and hope that day isn’t already booked. Then you have to place a deposit. I’ve never personally booked a party with them, but I believe the deposit is pretty small, maybe $50.00. The basic birthday package allots 30 tokens per child, two slices of pizza and free drink refills. The cost? $13.99 per child, according to their website. Their highest price party, at $18.99 per child offers 4 slices of pizza, free refill, and 55 tokens. Doing some quick math, a party 10 children would cost anywhere from $139.90 to $189.90. If you break it down the price is very reasonable considering you don’t have to do the clean up afterwards. However, 30 tokens is never enough, adults get hungry and thirsty as well, and there’s always an extra child or two that you didn’t think was going to make it. Your $140.00 birthday party just hit a $200.00 birthday party in a matter of minutes.

Now, I’m not criticizing parents that want to have their parties at Chuck E Cheese’s, nor am I saying its a bad idea. I mean, if you think about it, having a party there beats having one at home anytime. But, personally, I would never. Mainly because, while your having your child’s party, so are 3 or 4 other parents, the building is small and its crowded. I prefer the privacy of having my children’s parties at home, avoiding the crowds, and not feeling rushed to wrap up by the end of my 2 hour time slot. My daughters last birthday party at home lasted nearly 6 hours and it was a lot more entertaining than any birthday party I have attended at Chuck E Cheese’s.

The Art of the Candy Apple

Seems simple enough…right? Making candy apples. It wasn’t. I attempted my first candy apple this evening and it was, for lack of a better word, horrifying. Everything was going fine, I had the candy cooking, thermometer temping, and everything was moving along. When the candy finally reached 302 degrees it was time to start racing the candy. Which one of us is going to move the fastest? Add the vanilla, stir stir stir, add the white food coloring, stir stir stir, add the pink coloring, stir stir stir. Now I’m twirling the apples in the candy, whipping them on to the paper,  moving like the speed of light, until I wasn’t. Next thing I know I’m racing for the water and my hand is burning like fire. Who knew 300 degree candy could be so hot. Now my candy is cooling fast and I’m still burning. The wife takes over the twirling of the apples but by this time it is already too late. The apples are done for and I’m walking around with what looks to be at least a 2nd degree burn on not one, but three fingers. I think it is safe to say, the candy won this match. I think I’ll stick to melted chocolate in the future.

UPDATE: The size of the burns are more than I expected. I never knew being left handed, that I used my right hand so much until now. Burns are hindering simple tasks, preventing me from accomplishing them. And to think I still have cupcakes to bake and decorate. Today will prove to be a challenge for sure. 

Character Plotting

Is there anything more daunting? I have plotted the same two characters four times now. Every time I have come up with something different. Creating these people from deep within my imagination, I have finally finished their map out. One dangerous career criminal paired with a lovely soon to be law student at the prestigious Stanford Law School.

The First Book

I have a dream, one, I’m sure many, share with me. I wish to write a book. My dream isn’t to become an author, to be famous, or even to be published. I simply wish to write a book. All of the rest could be added bonuses. This blog will follow me on my journey with hope to inspire others who have always dreamed to do something but never knew how to start. I hope you enjoy!