It’s Been a While 

It has been a few weeks since a topic has struck me to write about. I’ve tried several times, but nothing from my mind would flow to the keys. Until today. Today I made a decision that I wanted to become an educator.

This isn’t a decision I have taken lightly. Over the last year, I have been searching for something inside myself, something that has been missing. A void, if you will. I thought about fostering, but I don’t know if I could treat my children and another child the same. I think I could, but without absolute certainty, it isn’t something I would risk. I know I want to help children. As an educator I can do just that. I can pave their way to success, I can mentor, and I can provide them a foundation for the future, even if it is only for a short time. For this reason, I will persue this dream.
A positive impression is a lasting impression.

Curve their present to shape their future.

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