What I have to Say

I am angry, infuriated, and by all accounts of the word, pissed off. I used to be embarrassed to mention a part of my heritage is German because I didn’t want to be associated with Nazis, but at least in Germany it is ILLEGAL to display a swastika. I guess in America its protected by our 1st amendment right. That and because the people carrying it are white. Thats what this all boils down to, isn’t it?

They are White.

What does that have to do with it? you ask. I’ll tell you…

In this great country of ours, I hope you can interpret the sarcasm as I type that sentence,  white people are protected by the color of their skin. Honestly,  I can’t think of a single time in my life I had to deal with racism directed toward me until I started dating people of other races. White privilege is a real thing. I didn’t used to believe it, but I see it now. For those that don’t let me provide an example…

  • Colin Kaepernick, who, by the way is of a combination of races, is a free and unsigned agent in the NFL because he chose to exercise his first amendment right and kneel during the national anthem and the white people didn’t like it….

But isn’t that his right? If he believes that the national anthem represents something that he doesn’t believe in than who are we to tell him he is wrong? Who are we to tell him he cannot kneel during the national anthem?  He wasn’t violent, He wasn’t rude, He didn’t disrespect the flag, honestly I can’t see anything wrong about what he did. But, nevertheless, he did it and now he’s unemployed for it. Because he isn’t white…

Now, lets go back to the scene in Charlottesville. White men, many of them, rallied on the street, in a public location to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. So far, we are just exercising our first amendment right….now these same people are carrying flags with swastikas, confederate flags I get because the General (rest his soul) was a confederate, but swastikas is where I draw the line. I am in no way a supporter of white supremacy. Now, there were also many men exercising their 2nd amendment right to bear arms. why? Why did they bring guns to a rally if protests are supposed to be peaceful? Did they plan to shoot the BLM supporters that would gather as a counter protest? And the Tiki Torches? whats with that? Didn’t the white men used to use torches to burn down churches of the African American people? I’m not so caught up on my history lessons, but I know I’m close. What I see now, is a rally specifically targeted at anyone that isn’t white. The fact that they were even allowed to walk down the street with guns and torches is baffling. If they were of ANY other race they would have been stopped IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS WHITE PRIVILEGE MY FRIENDS, and it is sickening.

To make matters worse, our President, the man running the country we all live in, couldn’t even condemn the protest directly. I have yet to see a specific tweet or video that he denounces the white supremacy groups. (if there is one, please lead me to it and I will gladly update this post) Since when is this kind of hate condoned in our country? Would this be happening if Obama was still our president? What if it was Hillary? Trump has always been so quick to denounce anyone that doesn’t agree with him, but he didn’t denounce the white supremacy groups..that tells me he’s either scared he’ll lose his entire platform, or he agrees with them. Either way, its not what I want in a leader. How will you lead our country to be great again If you can’t even act on the very artery that is breaking it. Our economy isn’t the only thing in trouble here dear Mr President. Its time you take action against these people and this act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

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